Re-instatement of CPEH Credentials

For those that have lapsed their Certification

Re-instatement of Met Requirements for Certification Practitioner of Esoteric Healing,   NAEH

  1. Complete the Objective Question List by clicking on the link below (required):

    Re-Instatement Questionnaire 
    The answers will be subject to committee discussion to evaluate and administer extra steps to support the practitioner to come into a current status of their requirements.  In some cases, a submission of an Esoteric Healing Session log and/or Testing may be required.

  2. CPEH to attend at least one Conference every 4 years (or purchase at least one Conference Video and listen to it in its entirety) or take a class 3 or higher.
    • Purchase a Conference Video by contacting [email protected] (Availability of Conference Video and the year of the conference to be determined by the Conference Committee)
    • Once purchased and received, a link will be sent to the practitioner and the practitioner will be asked to view the conference in its entirety
    • The Practitioner to submit info to the Certification committee if they have purchased and viewed the video or have taken a class certificate of completion

3. Submission of payment of $35 CPEH fee and continue to pay this fee 1 in every 4 years or submit a Case Review according to Certification guidelines and final approval by the certification committee (which would include three Esoteric Healing Sessions).  There will be no required retro-active fee for years missed.

4. Fulfill the requirement to become a Professional member and pay the annual membership fee and agree to membership Code of Ethics and any other documents as indicated by Membership committee.  There will be no required retro-active fee for years missed.

5. Maintain a Yearly Professional Membership - see membership requirements