Membership Application

For the 2024-2025 membership year, please complete an application for your New Membership or Renewal Membership in the NAEH.

Minimum requirement is to have taken at least Level 1 NAEH, INEH or comparable Esoteric Healing course.

Memberships received by October 15th are guaranteed a printed NAEH Fall Lifestream Journal when you select the printed version on your membership application. Memberships received after October 15th are guaranteed the digital version of the Fall Lifestream Journal. Your membership with the NAEH is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

NAEH Membership Applications are competed online and payable with your credit card. 

If for some reason you are not able to complete your application online or make payment online, please call our NAEH office at 517-898-0271 for assistance.  

Complete your Online Membership Application Here

(1) NAEH Newsletter
(2) NAEH Journal (printed or digital options)
(3) Discounts for ABMP or EMPA liability insurance  
(4) Listing in the members only secured NAEH Member Directory 
(5) Voting privileges at the annual membership meeting at the annual NAEH conference
(6) Eligibility to Serve in Elected Positions
(7) Participation in committees
(8) Participation in NAEH Facebook
(9) Credibility from NAEH promotions for Esoteric Healing
(10) Discounted registration at the Annual NAEH Conference
(11) Practice standards and Code of Ethics 

For a student who has completed at least a Level 1 NAEH, INEH or comparable  Esoteric Healing course.
Receives standard membership benefits listed above.


For the practitioner who has completed Level 3 with an NAEH, INEH accredited instructor or a comparable Esoteric Healing course and has been utilizing this work for at least one year.
(1) Receives standard benefits listed above
(2) Option for a listing in the "Find A Practitioner" directory on the NAEH website

For the practitioner who has completed at least Levels 1 – 4 with an NAEH, INEH accredited instructor or a comparable Esoteric Healing course and has been utilizing this work for a minimum of 18 months from the completion of Level 1.
(1) Receives all the benefits of Associate Membership
(2) Eligibility to apply to become certified (note: CPEH must maintain this level of membership to maintain certification)
(3) Eligibility to license the NAEH logo for professional use.
(4) May post their Deepening Classes on the NAEH website.