NAEH New Group of World Servers

The New Group of World Servers (NGWS)

Lately there has been much talk about the New Group of World Servers (NGWS), and possibly some confusion about the meaning of this term. A description of the NGWS on the Lucis Trust website states: “All who love humanity and the Earth and who express that love through lives of active service form one group in consciousness: the New Group of World Servers. The NGWS is a functioning active group. Every man and woman in every country, who is working to heal the breaches between people, to evoke the sense of brotherhood, to foster the sense of mutual inter-relation, and who sees no racial, national or religious barriers is a member of the new Group of World Servers...” So it is in our individual and group NAEH service that we become part of the NGWS. As the NAEH enters its next phase, we continue to listen to our internal compass for guidance regarding our service and purpose. JD Lanham shares: “I think about the internal compasses that birds have to help them to get where they need to be, and I think there’s a compass inside that’s been guiding me in the same way.” This internal compass is the Soul. Together as our group NAEH Soul we trust we are guided in understanding our purpose and serving in ways that are meaningful-our place where we need to be.

Constance. McCloy, “President’s Letter,” NAEH Newsletter, June 2020

Synopsis of Presentation by Al Florey at the 2019 NAEH Post-Conference
Regarding the NAEH as Part of the NGWS

There will be a struggle between people who are responsive to their souls and concerned for the wellbeing of others and those who are still functioning at the personal level. Those who are responsive to their souls will be able to express the higher mind and the values, virtues, and nature of the Soul. However, when people are functioning at the personal level, they will insist on a world that supports their efforts to pursue their selfish desires, even if the wellbeing of others is adversely affected. The personal preferences and interests of the little self will continue to dominate society. Groups of light workers and disciples—members of the New Group of World Servers—are joining together to invoke the transmuting ray energies that dissipate selfish emotion-based glamour and illusion. NAEH is an important point of light, working as a group within the New Group of World Servers.

When the NAEH gathers, the unified group light is so bright it shines upward into the world of the Soul and the higher planes of light. It catches the attention of the Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy, who in turn transmit the light and energies of the higher planes into the group light. This means that the light of the NAEH is capable of receiving higher energies and qualities than each member is able to receive individually. This leads to an accelerated rate of advancement and deeper realizations, as well as a greater capacity to help advance mankind.

This synopsis was written by an NAEH member. The purpose of these insights re: the NGWS as it relates to Esoteric Healing and to the NAEH is not to create glamour, but to encourage Esoteric Healers and the NAEH to ponder our roles in world service.