CPEH Current Requirements

  • Maintain your annual NAEH membership at the Professional Membership Level.
  • Abide by the ethics statement in the yearly application and acknowledged by you each year.
  • Attend a minimum of at least one NAEH conference every 4 years. The group energy and the conference supports us and keeps us up-to-date and informed in the practice of Esoteric Healing.
  • Pay $35.00 certification renewal fee every fourth year. 

*If a practitioner is unable to meet any of these requirements or is under financial hardship, please contact Lyn Ludwig at [email protected] to confidentially discuss other options to fulfill these requirements.  We ask that CPEH’s contact Lyn prior to lapsing their criteria.  If your criteria has lapsed, we ask that you review the Re-instatement of Met Requirements for Certification Practitioner of Esoteric Healing, NAEH on naehonline.org or go to this link, or in the Certification Handbook.